AARP Health Insurance Plans

The Aetna and AARP health insurance plans for individuals offer not only exceptional value, but also comprehensive benefits with some of the best pricing in the industry. Worried about your doctor or the network? You don't have to. With the new AARP health plans from Aetna you have access to Aetna's amazing national network. Have you been turned down for health insurance coverage from other companies? AARP's individual health plans accept close to 90% of applicants, by far the best in this industry which in recent times has become more and more unfair. You can depend on AARP to find a way to get you covered when no one else will.

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Customer Feedback

"AARP Health Quotes was not only able to explain all of the plans available to me, but they also gave me the option of picking the best plan, which was very easy as they made sure that I could plainly see which company offered the most health insurance for the least money. Thanks again!
Ruth Brown
AARP was the only company that even made me an offer, and as a diabetic, I was so relieved to finally have an affordable health plan which is backed by two great companies, AARP and Aetna. Thank you ever so much.
Tom in Virginia